VOLTA Engineering Group will Use Esser Security Systems by Honeywell in Reconstruction of Power Facilities

VOLTA Engineering Group, a Russian systems integrator in the electric power industry, has signed a cooperation agreement with Honeywell Life Safety Austria concerning implementation of security system projects at its power facilities using Esser products by Honeywell. The agreement was signed by Oleg Sundukov, Director General of VOLTA Engineering Group, and Robert Humpoleс, Executive Director of Honeywell Life Safety Austria GmbH. This is a three-year extendable agreement.

Pursuant to the terms of the agreement, the parties plan to build a partner relationship while implementing projects that will employ Esser by Honeywell products. The areas of cooperation will include development of technical and commercial proposals, design engineering, procurement, and implementation of safety systems.

The companies will develop and extend their cooperation through conclusion of agreements on individual projects, planning joint events, participation in meetings with potential (end) customers, employee training, joint meetings and consultations. Joint research and practice seminars, visits to project and manufacturing plants of both parties, and establishment of working groups on subjects of mutual interest are also planned.

“VOLTA Engineering Group stays on course of multivendor integration and is constantly broadening the range of equipment in use, improving service quality and increasing customer satisfaction,” says Viktor Yurov, Commercial Director of VOLTA Group. “Security systems are to become one of the areas of extensive development.” He noted that Esser, whose products comply with all relevant standards in this field, is actively developing voice alarm systems (zonal alarm, safe evacuation), fire safety systems, safety system control software, lamp call systems, fire monitoring and detection systems ensuring perimeter safety of buildings or cable tunnels. “All solutions are based on most advanced and innovative principles, providing the company with top competitive advantages,” Mr. Yurov added.

As part of partner cooperation, Russian engineering experts were trained to work on Esser equipment and certified by Honeywell.