VOLTA Engineering Group Expansion into a New Market

CJSC NOVINTECH that is a member of VOLTA Engineering Group has been pronounced a winner of the tender for the right to conclude the contract for supplying telematics equipment for the Northern Electric Grids, branch of OJSC MOESK. The winner of the tender was announced on 11 March 2013. VOLTA Engineering Group will make a general contractor service with the Northern Electric Grids branch. The equipment manufactured by Systel LLC (Russia) will be supplied in accordance with the contract.

Earlier, VOLTA Engineering Group had won three more tenders organised by OJSC MOESK, namely, the tenders for: execution of the work on repairing the telematics equipment at Maryino Substation No. 426 for the Southern Electric Grids, branch of OJSC MOESK; execution of the work on maintenance of APCS equipment: Central Electric Grids Substation for the CEG, branch of OJSC MOESK, and construction, assembly and pre-commissioning titled as Transfer of the telematics channels from the Substation of the city part of Eastern zone to the Grid Management Centre of OJSC MOESK for the CEG, branch of OJSC MOESK. The total value of work under these projects amounted to about 32 million roubles.

"VOLTA Engineering Group possesses tremendous experience in the establishment of telematics systems for OJSC Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System and is now successfully breaking the ground at its new market of MRSK Holding," Oleg Sundukov, VOLTA Engineering Group Director General, commented on the results of the tender. "We see our mission in promoting support for unified technical policy, sharing the lessons learned, further development of advanced technologies proven at other markets. We believe that both the customers and the contracting companies will benefit from the appearance of a major experienced player in this market. Let me emphasize: VOLTA's aim is not immediate business effect. We have come to this market with serious long-term plans, and we are greatly interested in its balanced and efficient work."