VOLTA EG and GE Multilin Extended VAR-Agreement until September 2014

VOLTA Engineering Group has extended its status of non-exclusive authorised system integrator of General Electric products and services in the territory of Russian Federation.

As follows from the text of VAR Agreement resigned by CJSC NOVINTECH, incorporated into VOLTA Engineering Group, and GE Multilin, Canadian branch of General Electric International Corporation (USA), VOLTA EG is authorised to sell the products of GE Multilin as a part of its technical solutions and to render their after-sale technical support. The effective term of this Agreement is extended until 31 August 2014.

According to the document, cooperation will concern the following products of GE Multilin: digital devices and services (including digital units, digital meters, statistic devices, accessories), electromechanical devices (including protective electromechanical devices and auxiliary relays, switching equipment) and system projects (turn-key projects including system engineering and other products to be supplied). As the additional products emerge within the specified categories, they will also be covered by the terms of the said agreement.

Aforementioned product line can be used at power stations and substations of different capacity and voltage ratings, also with the aim of creating digital substations and smart grids.

Previous VAR Agreement between the companies took effect from September 2009. VOLTA EG has successfully made use of the equipment for implementation of the projects on automation of substations within its collaboration with GE Multilin. Emelino 500 kV substation (Sverdlovsk Region), Soboli 220 kV Substation (Perm Region), Krasnoarmeyskaya 500/220/35 kV Substation (Samara Region) can be mentioned as the most significant projects.

"VOLTA Engineering Group is deliberately carrying out a multi-vendor policy and integrating technical solutions of the world-leading manufacturers of high-tech equipment at its facilities," Oleg Sundukov, Director General of VOLTA GE, comments on expanding the term of VAR Agreement. "Nevertheless, special value of our partnership with GE, one of the world recognised leaders, shall be especially mentioned. We are proud that our company could prove to be a reliable partner of GE and both parties had no doubts concerning extension of their cooperation. Our partnership is not a declaration of intent, but successfully implemented projects the number of which I am sure will only grow."