VOLTA EG Upgraded the Dispatch Control System of Nefteyugansk Electric Grids

VOLTA Engineering Group has successfully completed renovation of dispatcher panel of Nefteyugansk Electric Grids, branch of OJSC Tyumenenergo. At the end of March, the parties signed the acceptance act for the works delivered in strict accordance with the established terms of five months.

Renovation of dispatcher control room was conducted as a part of implementation of the Tyumenenergo Investment Programme for 2012. The dispatcher panel is controlled by the software and hardware complex of PSIcontrol that was installed in Nefteyugansk Electric Grids several years ago by PSI Energo, now a part of VOLTA Engineering Group.

The main requirements of the customer to the new equipment were timely providing the grid staff with the most complete and reliable information on condition of the controlled facilities, ensuring high resolution capacity, energy consumption reduction through using of the LED lamps in video clubs, and reduction of the staff fatigue. These tasks can be solved in full with the video panels of Barco company which are the modern analogue of the sensor panel boards representing dynamic information on the changes in the system.

Companies belonging to VOLTA Engineering Group possess serious expertise in this field. Thus, in the current year Energosoft IK renders technical support to all group video information display systems based on the Barco equipment in the system of SO UES.

Collaboration of VOLTA Engineering Group and Nefteyugansk Electric Grids will go on. According to the contract, VOLTA EG carries out maintenance of the facility. The company has also submitted a quotation on expansion of the dispatcher control room to 18 panels to OJSC Tyumenenergo.