VOLTA Engineering Group to Upgrade 7 more Dispatch Panels of SO UES around Russia

VOLTA Engineering Group will upgrade dispatch panels installed in seven branches of OJSC System Operator of UES, in particular, video projection equipment. On 22 May, Energosoft IK LLC, a member of VOLTA Engineering Group, was declared the winner of the public tender.

The work under the contract, which will be signed in the next few days, is to be completed in mid-November 2013. Its cost will exceed RUB 86.2 mln.

The experts of VOLTA Engineering Group are expected to update dispatcher panels installed in the dispatch offices of OJSC SO UES in Khabarovsk, Orenburg, Smolensk, Omsk, Rostov-on-Don, Tula, and Samara. The scope of work includes disassembly of the outdated video projection equipment, supply and installation of the novel equipment, as well as commissioning and instructing the personnel on operation and primary maintenance of the equipment.

The novel dispatcher panels will be mounted using video projection equipment of Barco, the Belgian-based company, which is traditionally used by VOLTA Engineering Group for similar projects. To date, Barco is No. 1 world leader in professional visualization solutions, the only manufacturer of visualization equipment for control centres with a representative office and a service centre in Russia and CIS countries.

Barco video walls provide visual representation of the equipment status and the mode of the electric network by using situational dynamic data display technology. They ensure continuous round-the-clock operation and simultaneous display of data from any number of different sources. Barco video walls can scale the information, quickly change the video display scenario and show model results of the decisions to be taken. Furthermore, the equipment can significantly reduce the dispatching personnel fatigue.