VOLTA EG Introduces Smart Metering in the Subsidiaries of MRSK of the North-West

VOLTA Engineering Group has been pronounced a winner of the open tenders for the right to supply equipment and execute works for establishment and improvement of the electricity metering systems at retail market for two branches of OJSC MRSK of the North-West, namely, for Vologdaenergo and Karelenergo.

Under the contract to be signed in the nearest future, PSI Energo LLC incorporated into VOLTA Engineering Group will develop design documentation, execute construction and assembly works on installation of the electricity metering boards at the inputs of apartment residential buildings with equipment supply for the project of Upgrading of Power Consumption Tracking Systems at the Retail Electric Power Market for Vologdaenergo. During execution of the works, technological solutions of RPC Inkoteks LLC will be applied. The project-related work is scheduled to be commenced till the end of April of the current year and to be completed within half a year. The cost of work will amount to 18,173 million roubles.

Within the same term, VOLTA Engineering Group is to complete one more project in the field of Smart Metering within the area of responsibility of OJSC MRSK of the North-West, namely, installation of AIMS CEM at retail market for Karelenergo. The company was pronounced a winner of the respective tender on the 11th of April. The total value of work under the project with Karelenrgo is estimated to be more than 60 million roubles.

Earlier, in 2012, VOLTA Engineering Group had accomplished delivery and installation of equipment, arranged two-way data transmission between electricity meters of each user and information collection centre, and adjusted the bottom and top levels of remote data collection from the meters under the contract with OJSC Tyumenenergo. The metering system covers more than 11 thousand individuals and legal entities.

"Our cooperation with MRSK of the North-West has a long history," stated Oleg Sundukov, Director General of VOLTA EG. "We are sincerely glad that the offers of our engineering group traditionally meet high requirements set forth by MRSK of the North-West to its partners." "We firmly believe that simplicity, reliability and market value of the solutions offered by VOLTA Engineering Group will serve for successful solving of the tasks assigned to our company," adds he, commenting the contract with Vologdaenergo. "At the same time it should be mentioned that distribution grid companies and consumers need integrated solutions for control of electricity consumption and respective payments based on introduction of smart metering devices connected with payment systems. Only such approach will allow to solve one of the key problems of the grid infrastructure, namely to minimise commercial losses and to improve the level of payments collection. Receiving reliable data on consumption is only one of the measures required for achieving the real effect from the Smart Metering technologies being applied."