Energy efficient lifestyle implies enjoying the blessings of civilisation while consuming reasonable amounts of energy. The main cause of the low efficiency of most of the Russian energy facilities lies in the use of extremely worn-out equipment. Very often, measures taken for energy efficiency improvement simply lead to general upgrade and replacement of equipment. However, actions such as improving thermal insulation of buildings and structures, technical refurbishment of heating systems, upgrade of lighting systems through introduction of advanced technologies also have a significant impact on consumption of energy and bring excellent results.

The amount of energy consumed by an enterprise is assessed by energy audits. The audits record the reality of equipment operation, loads and losses occurring in the grids during transformation and transmission. It is the energy audit that helps to understand the current situation at a particular facility or enterprise, identify opportunities and ways for a more effective use of energy resources and, based on the data obtained, propose the most effective and productive energy saving action programme.

The energy efficiency improvement action programme should be assessed with account for other issues that are not related to energy factors. We believe that the most important of such issues are financial performance indicators and non-energy benefits (environmental protection).

With its deep understanding of the industry specifics, VOLTA Group proposes efficient solutions for optimisation of business processes of energy enterprises. For automation of daily production management, we introduce MES systems that integrate technological and business levels of enterprise management in a single information complex, as well as ERP systems that allow for centralised identification and planning of all resources available to the enterprise. The company has gained successful experience in building such systems for energy enterprises.

We managed to effectively combine the possibilities of the most experienced and competent organisations on the energy engineering market in order to achieve our common goal of successful implementation of both simple and sophisticated energy efficient innovative projects.