While implementing its projects for automation of power generating stations, VOLTA Group provides the customer with a full package of works for establishment of APCS of units, APCS of non-enclosed distribution devices and integrated APCS of thermal and hydro stations and chains of hydroelectric stations (hydroelectric storage stations (HESS)). Virtually all of the project works, including engineering design, supply of equipment, installation, pre-commissioning works, training of personnel, warranty and after-sales support can be accomplished by our company on its own without the use of services of any subcontractors.

Solutions for equipping power generating facilities are based on domestic and foreign-made equipment. The choice of hardware for each particular facility is defined by the requirements for its functionality, cost of development and operation, and the history of the facility's automation. Solutions that are offered to the customer not only guarantee advanced technological level, safety and reliability of operation of the generating station, but also provide compatibility of information with other market agents and ensure timely availability of reliable technical and economic information to the customer personnel, which is especially important in the situation of power stations transition to market-based pricing.

Unlike many other companies working in this market segment, VOLTA Group does not simply forward the offers made by equipment suppliers to the end customer. We managed to effectively combine the possibilities of the most experienced and competent organisations on the energy engineering market in order to achieve our common goal of successful implementation of both simple and sophisticated integrated innovative projects.

Our important advantage is the multi-brand approach. For almost every system being implemented, VOLTA Group lets the customer choose from a variety of alternative manufacturers of equipment. This always helps achieve the best quality-price ratio. And we guarantee the required functionality, reliability and quality of the functions performed through our solutions, because we work solely with reliable and proven suppliers of equipment.