Daily management of electric modes of the UES of Russia is accomplished by making decisions as to the operating condition and operating mode of energy facilities, including generating equipment and power transmission lines at the system level. The complexity of the tasks, caused by the extensive scope of grids and the significant quantity of concurrently running generating equipment on the vast territory, explains the growing importance of automated centralised systems for daily dispatch management.

Introduction of such systems enhances reliability of energy facilities and efficiency of their management, improves operating productivity and reduces current maintenance costs.

VOLTA Group has unique competences in daily process management of energy facilities. We develop integrated systems for daily process management, situation analysis centres, as well as applied, technological, and analytical engineering systems on the basis of Enmac (GE), PSI control (PSI AG, Germany), Syndis software and hardware complex (Mikronika) in order to manage various types of grids (electric power, gas, water and heat supply systems).

VOLTA Group ensures an effective integration of operating processes and daily dispatch grid management, and establishes a common information domain for all participants of such processes. While implementing its projects, VOLTA Group develops solutions for integration of process management applications from selection of an integration platform to preparation of integration adapters for the existing applications, develops engineering and infrastructure solutions, offers technological advice, performs construction, installation and pre-commissioning works, and provides technical support.

Unlike many other companies working in this market segment, VOLTA Group does not simply forward the offers made by equipment suppliers to the end customer. We managed to effectively combine the possibilities of the most experienced and competent organisations on the energy engineering market in order to achieve our common goal of successful implementation of both simple and sophisticated integrated innovative projects. And we guarantee the required functionality, reliability and quality of the functions performed through our solutions, because we work solely with reliable and proven suppliers of equipment.