VOLTA Group has gained a unique experience in application and improvement of innovative technologies from around the world. Technological interests of VOLTA Group include innovative electric energy projects such as optimisation of new processes, methods and equipment for establishing smart grids, i.e. highly automated distributed electric grids, development of active adaptive algorithms for electric systems management, and introduction of Smart Metering systems.

The company experts test their technical solutions, perform integrated tests and pilot/regular operations of the new-generation equipment, and develop unique software for digital substations. The Group companies have implemented more than 250 integrated projects for the development of information technology systems at energy facilities in all Federal Districts of the RF. Being one of the leading integrators of technological process control and management systems, our company’s approach to system integration involves the use of successful innovative technological solutions in its subsequent projects.

By participating in all phases of innovative projects, VOLTA Group assumes full responsibility for successful implementation of project, including:

  • arranging communication between all participants of the production/economic cycle: research organisations, designers, equipment manufacturers and suppliers, and installation/construction companies;
  • ensuring certification and validation of the latest types of equipment and technologies that currently exist mostly as prototypes;
  • development of metrological support solutions;
  • and issue of recommendations for updates to the existing documents and development of new regulatory technical documentation.

Our experts provide all required technical advice for operation of the equipment and upon completion of works at the given facility. With VOLTA, you can be confident in the top quality and reliability of our solutions.