One of the main areas of VOLTA Group business is equipping substations with integrated automation systems that are currently the best way to save costs and improve the efficiency of electric grids. These solutions help to integrate all of the subsystems available to the substation in a common information domain, including the subsystems used for management, communication, safety and security, energy control and metering, monitoring and diagnostics of equipment, and electric power supply.

Integration of all subsystems significantly simplifies substation management and enhances its efficiency and reliability, as well as reduces the risk of faults.

Through the use of an integrated contractor, the end customer is able to implement a unified approach to the establishment of information technology systems, optimise project solutions, make a seamless integration of various automation subsystems, enhance reliability and save costs for the establishment and operation of systems.

Unlike many other companies working in this market segment, VOLTA Group does not simply forward the offers made by equipment suppliers to the end customer. We managed to effectively combine the possibilities of the most experienced and competent organisations on the energy engineering market in order to achieve our common goal of successful implementation of both simple and sophisticated integrated innovative projects.

Our important advantage is the multi-brand approach. For almost every system being implemented, VOLTA Group lets the customer choose from a variety of alternative manufacturers of equipment. This always helps achieve the best quality-price ratio. And we guarantee the required functionality, reliability and quality of the functions performed through our solutions, because we work solely with reliable and proven suppliers of equipment.

The projects for establishment of a package of solutions for automation of substations are implemented on a turn-key basis: from preliminary survey and design to commissioning for pilot and regular operations. Our company is involved in all project phases and therefore assumes responsibility for the successful project implementation without shifting responsibility to any third parties.